Once your front Windshield has been chipped the structural integrity of your Auto Glass has become compromised and you never want any of your Car Windows (especially your front Windshield) to be structurally compromised.  As crazy as this may sound, a Cracked Windshield can have the same weakening affect as a crack in the foundation of a house.  If a house has a small crack in its foundation the structural integrity as a whole will become much weaker and much more susceptible to come down and in regards to your front Windshield, that chip will turn into a crack.


Once a crack travels the length of a dollar bill your Auto Glass can no longer be repaired and then becomes categorized as a Broken Windshield which means you’d have to replace the Broken Windshield with an entirely new front Windshield to regain the original structural integrity of the car.  People don’t know this but a structurally sound and healthy front Windshield (a Windshield with no chips or cracks) provides a significant amount of strength to the structural support of the cabin in your car.  According to research done by the Auto Glass Safety Council a properly installed front Windshield provides a cars cabin with up to 45% of its structural integrity strength in the event of a front end collisions, while providing up to 60% of the same structural integrity strength in rollover accidents…. now lets take a moment here and truly grasp that if we can.  In a front end collision there would be over 40% more force coming at YOU if you had a Broken Windshield at the time of a front end collision.  While in a rollover accident you’d have close to 60% more force coming DOWN ON YOU and quite possibly CRUSHING YOU with the weight of the car if you had a Broken Windshield at the time of a rollover accident.

rock chips windshield

A structurally sound and healthy front Windshield also plays a big roll in the airbag deployment of your car.  Not a lot of people know this but during airbag deployment an automobiles airbags bounces off the inside part of a front Windshield and back out onto the passengers during collisions.  A car with a Broken Windshield has a much weaker base where the airbag deploys into which in turn effects the deployment and cushioning of the airbag safety system (basically you’re getting less protection and less coverage in the event of a collusion).
rock chip repair

As you can see you can never underestimate the safety effects of a small Rock Chip.  Get it taken care of right away and save yourself the money.  Also another benefit to getting a Rock Chip Repair service is it’s great for the environment.  There’s enough waste out there in the world, why do we need to create more?  Instead doing a Windshield Replacement we can save the Windshield if we repair a Rock Chip right away… don’t know about you but saving money and being cool with the planet seems like a win win all the way around.

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