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  • Windshield Repair and Windshield Replacement service As Low As $89 Out The Door… we Waive Deductibles, see how to get your Auto Glass Repair for FREE
  • OUT THE DOOR No Hidden Charges No Hidden Fees Pricing… Taxes, Glass, New Aftermarket Molding if applicable, Primer, Disposal and Recycling Fees All Included in our FINAL Price
  • Free Rock Chip Repair Service with each front Windshield Replacement for the Lifetime of the Windshield100% Guarantee on all Workmanship and Labor
  • WE BEAT PRICES!!… if another Auto Glass Repair company quotes you a better price than us, Let Us Know and We’ll BEAT THEIR PRICE!!!
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In the Auto Glass Repair industry the two most common Auto Glass Repair services preformed are the Windshield Repair and the Windshield Replacement service.  Knowing the difference of the two can make a huge difference in what you spend when getting your Auto Glass Repair service.  At Clear Shield Auto Glass we will only suggest the needed improvements for your Auto Glass Repair service while some other Windshield Repair and Windshield Replacement companies push for improvements that are more profitable for their bank accounts.

Windshield Repair vs Windshield Replacement… what is the difference?  The first big difference is price.  The vast majority of time a Windshield Repair service will be $75 – $100 Cheaper than a Windshield Replacement service.  As you can see there’s a lot of value taking the Cheap Windshield Repair route than getting a full Windshield Replacement service.

Also another great benefit to getting a Windshield Repair service over a Windshield Replacement service is that it’s great for the environment.  Not all Auto Glass problems need a full Windshield Replacement service. With a proper fix we can save a part Instead of creating more waste for the world by replacing an Auto Glass part.

We at Clear Shield Auto Glass also understand that the untrained eye can have a difficult time truly understanding and identifying what certain issues are when it comes to your Auto Glass Repair needs.  While many (not all) Auto Glass problems seem alike, the whole process of Auto Glass Repair is not a one size fits all proposition, there can be many factors creating such problems.  Seeing how there’s a wide variety of Auto Glass Repair service options out there, we at Clear Shield Auto Glass offer FREE Diagnostic Consultation to anybody who calls or walks through our doors.  Whether you have your Auto Glass Repair service taken care of at our Glass Company or at another Windshield Repair and Windshield Replacement Company, we’re still more than willing to help diagnose any of your Auto Glass issues and problems for FREE.

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  • Clear Shield Auto Glass your Near Me Windshield Repair and Windshield Replacement specialist.  Call now to set up your no extra cost no extra charge mobile Auto Glass Repair service.  Most if not all of the Auto Glass Replacement parts we use are bought from one of our main distributors Safelite / Service Auto Glass, so you know you’re getting a quality part.