Windshield Replacement Spanish Fork UT

  • Windshield Repair and Windshield Replacement service As Low As $89 Out The Door… we Waive Deductibles, see how to get your Auto Glass Repair for FREE
  • OUT THE DOOR No Hidden Charges No Hidden Fees Pricing… Taxes, Glass, New Aftermarket Molding if applicable, Primer, Disposal and Recycling Fees All Included in our FINAL Price
  • Free Rock Chip Repair Service with each front Windshield Replacement for the Lifetime of the Windshield100% Guarantee on all Workmanship and Labor
  • WE BEAT PRICES!!… if another Auto Glass Repair company quotes you a better price than us, Let Us Know and We’ll BEAT THEIR PRICE!!!
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It’s funny how people get really shocked when we tell them we do Mobile Windshield Repair and Windshield Replacement services in Spanish Fork Utah.  They find it hard to believe that we’d go that far down south in Utah County at no extra cost to the customer.

With our daily Mobile Windshield Repair and Windshield Replacement appointments in such cities as Orem and Provo, heading a little further south to Spanish Fork isn’t really that big of a deal when you think about it.  As long as your appointment is set before 10:00 AM each day (that’s when our final Utah County Mobile Auto Glass Repair service truck goes out) we can provide you with Same Day Mobile Windshield Repair and Windshield Replacement service.

All Mobile Auto Glass Repair and Auto Glass Replacement options are available to all our customers in Spanish Fork as well… and when we say ALL we mean ALL.  There are many Mobile Auto Glass Repair companies out there that only provide Windshield Replacement services as their only Mobile Auto Glass Repair service because other Auto Glass Repair services don’t provide much in terms of profit but we at Clear Shield Auto Glass do everything.  Lets say you needed a Rock Chip Repair or Cracked Windshield Repair we got you covered.  Let’s say you’re having issues with your moldings and you’re getting leaks because of it, we can take care of that for you too.  For many Auto Glass Repair companies such problems are considered a waste of time because the profit ratios aren’t much with such services, so they won’t do them on mobiles but we at Clear Shield don’t mind helping our customers with whatever needs they may have.  Profits of a job have no bearing on which jobs we choose to take and not to take… it’s our Customers Absolute Satisfaction that only matters to us.

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  • Clear Shield Auto Glass your Near Me Windshield Repair and Windshield Replacement specialist.  Call now to set up your no extra cost no extra charge mobile Auto Glass Repair service.  Most if not all of the Auto Glass Replacement parts we use are bought from one of our main distributors Safelite / Service Auto Glass, so you know you’re getting a quality part.