Car windshields are a lot more susceptible to minor chips and cracks than most people realize. Even the smallest rock or piece of debris can lead to minor damage on a windshield, and while it may only appear to be superficial damage, the safety concerns are actually much more serious.

When driving with a damaged windshield, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant it may appear, drivers are risking both their own and their passengers safety at risk. Should they get involved in an accident, they could be facing serious injuries, or even death in the most severe circumstances.

So what exactly are the dangers of driving with a damaged windshield?

Weakened Structural Integrity for Front-End Collisions

In the event of a front end collision, the windshield actually plays a vitally important role to the structural integrity of the car. Should a crash occur at the front-end of a car, normally the windshield will help to redistribute the force of the car down towards the chassis. This makes the impact of a collision much less severe and is vitally important for preventing serious injuries to anyone inside of the vehicle.

Should the windshield be damaged in anyway the protection is lost, meaning passengers and the driver are at increased risk of being seriously injured should the car be involved in a head on collision.

Weakened Structural Integrity Towards to Roof

As with the structural integrity in front-end collisions, the windshield is very import for the integrity of the roof too. So should drivers with damaged windshields be involved in an accident that causes the car to flip over, the roof can sustain incredibly serious damage.

The roof of a car could very well cave-in should the car roll over several times during and accident, which puts passengers and the driver at greater risk of sustaining serious or even fatal injuries.

The Possibility of Ejection Due to an Accident

Driving with a damaged windscreen certainly involves some serious risks, but when a driver is doing this as well as not wearing their seatbelt, the consequences could be disastrous. Should a head-on collision take place in these circumstances, the driver or even a passenger could be forcibly ejected from the vehicle.

A damaged windshield offers no protection should this happen, creating the potential for being thrown from the car through the windshield. At least an undamaged windshield can offer some degree of protection.

Reducing the Effectiveness of the Airbag

A fully intact windshield is actually required for the safe distribution of an airbag in many cars, usually on the passenger’s side. This is due to the windshield creating a backstop for the airbag when trigged by a collision, allowing it to properly inflate towards the passenger and offer some level of protection.

A damaged windshield creates the potential for the airbag to actually shatter or destroy the entire windshield due to the sheer force of the deployment. Should this happen, the airbag could inflate towards the windshield because of the loss of backstop, rendering the airbag ineffective and providing the passenger with no protection.

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